Enclosures Architects offers a variety of architectural services, including:

Consultation | Project Planning |
| Commercial and Residential Architectural Design | Interior Design
| Furniture Design

Enclosures Architects provides this wide range of services to ensure that every client, large or small, is offered a holistic approach to their architectural needs, guaranteeing thorough and comprehensive results. In addition, we utilize state-of-the-art computer design tools to facilitate precise, accurate drafting and expedient design.

The principals are involved in every phase of the project. Dedicated to satisfying the specific needs of each client, they have acquired a reputation for excellence and sensitivity in creating unique spaces, and have received significant individual recognition for their contribution to the field. The Enclosures team has won historic preservation awards and their work has been featured in House Beautiful, Los Angeles, Sunset and Preservation Magazine.   (view images)
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Enclosures Architects is a service organization dedicated to innovative design, 100% client satisfaction and a determination to closely oversee the progress of each project from conception through successful completion.

20 years         1995 - 2005

Celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Enclosures Architects is an event that elicits considerable pride for both Tash and myself. As students studying together at SCIARC many years ago, it seems inconceivable that together we established an architectural practice whose success is now part of a 20 year legacy.

That legacy includes the many wonderful clients, associates and supporting professionals we have come to know. These relationships mean a great deal to us. We look forward to sharing a promising future with every one of you.

If there is one shared trait that helps explain our success it would have to be determination.

We are determined to continue listening very carefully which is the key to understanding and realizing our client’s needs and desires.

We are determined to continue considering all possibilities with each and every decision we make.

We are determined to continue making you more satisfied than you ever thought possible.

We are determined to continue ensuring that our experiment is also your discovery.

We are determined to continue sharing our pride in undertaking this privileged journey.

Successful Architecture is much more than erecting an intriguing building. It is the process of creating a place capable of impacting your most fundamental feelings and thoughts. When this place allows you to thrive and flourish, a spirit emerges that can triumph over every challenge and realize all of life’s many possibilities. If we have had any small part in this achievement, we have done our job.




awards & publications
Enclosures Architects is very proud of our publications and awards.  Recognition of our efforts is both satisfying and a measure of our consistent attention to making each project something for which client and Architect find delight and joy.

Our projects have been featured in art, architecture and home design journals.  Awards have come for both our contemporary and preservation work and are particularly gratifying as they represent not only local attention but national recognition as well
. (view images)




enclosures architects
With offices in Los Angeles and Ventura, California, the principals and associates of Enclosures Architects have been providing Architecture and Design services for over twenty years.  Combining experience, innovation and personal care, our work emphasizes client participation and smoothly coordinated project development.

  Making use of both building technologies latest advancements and the numerous benefits associated with sustainable design, we offer a variety of architectural services including consultation, residential and commercial design and interior and landscape design.



our process
Successful Architecture is the result of a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of countless issues involving many professional disciplines, governmental approvals and client participation

At Enclosures Architects, our main aim is to exploit a method of design that will yield numerous alternatives that, when distilled, will ultimately produce a building that represents a rich collection of all participants becoming something far greater than the sum of the parts.

Such an approach is demonstrated most succinctly in what we call process (view images)





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